This Is Why You Should Donate to the United Way

Who hasn’t heard of the United Way? As one of the country’s most recognizable and best-governed charities, the United Way partners with everyone from the NFL to local spiritual groups. And if you’re looking for a worthy cause, United Way donations should be near the top of your list. With more than 1,200 local offices spread across the United States, the United Way’s priorities are set by people in the communities they serve — not by faceless bureaucrats at a central hub. Offices typically prioritize educational initiatives, public health campaigns and financial literacy drives. Case in point: a fruitful partnership between the Delaware State Treasury and the United Way of Delaware.

What’s the MFA Museum Council?

You don’t have to be an aging jet-setter to become a bona fide patron of the arts. If you live in or near Boston, all you have to do is join the Boston MFA Museum Council, better known simply as the Museum Council. Membership is open to everyone aged 21 to 45.

Why is Museum Council membership worthwhile? Try two memberships for the price of one (perfect for couples), members-only passes to special exhibitions, first-dibs invites to VIP receptions, complimentary MFA admission, discounts on lectures and courses, and — best for last! — discounted tickets to the Summer Party, MFA-Boston’s annual black-tie blowout.

How the Flowers Counsel Group Became a Corporate Law Powerhouse

With good reason, public discourse about Chip Flowers often revolves around his impressive record of service as Delaware State Treasurer. Flowers shepherded the state’s finances through a period of widespread economic turmoil and enacted lasting reforms that will leave Delaware’s government in a far stronger position to weather future crises.

But Chip Flowers shouldn’t be defined by his laudable work at the Delaware Treasury. His incisive legal mind, strong managerial skills and detail-oriented approach to client relationships have earned him another impressive distinction: He’s the founder and principal of the Flowers Counsel Group, a prominent corporate law firm that also happens to be one of the largest minority-owned law firms in the entire Northeast.

Here’s a brief look back at how Chip Flowers attained such a prominent position within his legal niche — and a glimpse of the new heights he might reach in the near future.

Chip Flowers lays the groundwork

It’s impossible to talk about Chip Flowers’ legal achievements without mentioning his impeccable educational pedigree. His B.A. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania is certainly worth a mention, but the most salient credentials here have to be his dual JD and MBA from Georgetown University, secured during a whirlwind four years of study between 1996 and 2000. It’s worth noting that, during his time at Georgetown, Flowers somehow found the time to work at the White House and a joint Congressional committee — work that no doubt inspired his future political career.

After Georgetown, Flowers applied for a competitive position at Skadden Arps, a well-known corporate law firm. Naturally, he got the job, an associate’s gig in the M&A division at Skadden’s Delaware office. For the next four years, Flowers put in long, steady hours — often working nights and weekends — to handle the firm’s crushing workload, becoming a veritable M&A expert in the process.

Early days, steady growth

In 2004, Flowers parted ways with Skadden. He didn’t found his own law firm right away; there was one more notch left to make in his educational belt. That fall, Flowers enrolled at Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government’s Master of Public Administration program, a coveted course of study typically taken by elite managers at the highest levels of government.

Fresh out of Harvard, in mid-2006, Flowers founded the Flowers Counsel Group — a bold step for an attorney who’d always had an independent spirit. From the outset, he envisioned a firm with four core practice areas:

  • Corporate transactional services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate governance and formation
  • Corporate procurement services

It didn’t take long for Flowers’ firm to accumulate some high-profile clients, including many close to Flowers’ heart. Representative Flowers Counsel Group clients include:

  • AstraZeneca, a major pharmaceutical company
  • DuPont, an industrial conglomerate
  • Harvard University, Flowers’ alma mater
  • Barclays, a multinational bank
  • Exelon Company, a regional utility

A rising profile lifts all boats

The Flowers Counsel Group steadily grew during the late 2000s, hiring talented lawyers and support staff who specialized in its core practice areas. Importantly, Chip Flowers chose not to completely step away from day-to-day operations after his election to the state treasury, keeping a watchful eye on the firm from afar. Flowers’ newly raised profile as one of just 50 state treasurers brought additional visibility to the Flowers Counsel Group, building trust among existing clients and entrenching the firm as one of the Northeast’s elite corporate law firms.

Today, the Flowers Counsel Group is one of the largest minority-owned firms in the region and a key participant in civic life. The firm enjoys membership and certification with several state minority enterprise authorities, the American Bar Association, the National Bar Association and the American Association of College and University Attorneys.

Where does the Flowers Counsel Group go from here?

Chip Flowers is no longer the state treasurer of Delaware. In fact, he’s no longer a full-time resident of Delaware at all. After leaving office, he relocated to Boston, keen to face the next round of challenges head-on.

In Boston, Flowers expects to be even closer to the high-profile financial firms, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions — including Harvard, his alma mater — that have given his practice so much. Though only time can tell what the future holds, you’d have to be a stalwart pessimist not to agree that that future looks very bright indeed.

Chip Flowers Launches Successful Mergers & Acquisitions and Corporate Law Firm

When Chip Flowers sets out to accomplish a goal, he does everything in order to ensure success. This has meant taking the time to learn more, both through higher education and experience in the field. Chip Flowers holds a law degree and Masters in Business Administration from Georgetown University as well as a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. His practical experience in business has also played an important role in the success of his own firm.

Chip Flowers — Gaining Experience In The Field

After graduating from Georgetown University, Chip Flowers joined the Wilmington office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, LLP, one of the world’s leading corporate law firms, where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions. The practical experience that he received from the position gave him a solid understanding of the field. Combined with his MBA and law degree, his business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit led him to consider starting a mergers & acquisitions and corporate law firm of his own.

A Successful Delaware Business Owner

After earning his masters from Harvard, Chip Flowers returned to Delaware to start his own mergers and acquisitions and corporate firm. His strong leadership abilities and understanding of both business and law enabled his firm to develop an extensive roster of highly regarded clients. Through his leadership, The Flowers Counsel Group, LLC has become a vibrant business. His entrepreneurial spirit and ability to effectively grow and develop a successful business are attributes that Chip Flowers hopes to bring to the state of Delaware as state treasurer.